About Us


The Centre of Creative Learning (CCL) “Annas 2” in Riga is a place where young people aged 5 to 25 can spend their free time. The “Annas 2” Centre offers technical, scientific and artistic workshops, development of practical skills and help in choosing possible future professions as well as interesting holiday camps for children and young people in Riga and elsewhere. Non-formal education is the essential part of the Centre’s operational philosophy and working methods.

CCL “Annas 2” is a municipal institution which provides quality professional interest-oriented education for children, youth and adults.  CCL “Annas 2” gives a possibility for more than 1500 children and youths to develop their individual abilities and talents in more than 40 workshops, studios, hobby groups, local and international art and film festivals and other activities. CCL “Annas 2” provide extra-curricular programms in six fields: technical modeling, multimedia and IT, art and sound studios, craftsmanship and design, human and nature studies, languages.

In 1995  the first Children Science Centre in Latvia named “Tehnoannas pagrabi” (“Cellars of the TechnoAnn”) was created with the aim to popularize exact sciences, to teach not only children and young people but also adults to explore themselves through playing games and their individual experience. It is an interactive journey into the world of human senses for everyone. This is one of the smallest science centres in the world. The aim of its exclusive atmosphere and originally made exhibits that combine art, science and world of toys is to raise people’s curiosity and creativity.

One of the basic work fields for CCL ‘’Annas 2’’ is collaboration with other education institutions, policy makers, NGOs and society. During last 10 years CCL ‘’Annas 2’’ has been involved in public discussions, has prepared publications about the education topics as well as provided training programmes and workshops for teachers and educators. CCL “Annas 2” is a member of the European Association of Institutions of Non-formal Education of Children and Youth (EAICY).